The Idea

Optiat is founded by sibling pair William and Anna Brightman.

For Christmas 2015 William was given a cafetiere. Brewing his morning coffee, he was left with the residual coffee grounds. He had no garden to dispose of the grounds, so was forced to simply throw them away.

He realised that if he alone was throwing away this large an amount of coffee each morning, then given the size of the coffee industry, on a wider scale there must be an awful lot of waste – and he was right! We send 500,000 tonnes of coffee to landfill each year in the UK alone.

If Optiat could create a product which could help to minimise this, and to promote a circular economy, then that could only be a good thing!

At the same time, headlines were documenting the devastating impact of microbeads on our environment. As we all look towards natural alternatives, repurposed coffee seemed like the perfect option!

The Mission

For those who don't know, the brand name Optiat is an acronym for

“One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure”.

The focus is on sustainability and promoting a circular economy. Taking ingredients that would otherwise be discarded and transforming them into natural, sustainable skincare.

Ingredient Highlights

Coffee Scrubs - Repurposed premium, food-grade Arabica coffee grounds collected from cafes and restaurants across London.

Face Masks - Repurposed Hemp Husks, a natural by-product of the manufacture of hemp seeds. Collected from Hempen, an organic farm in Oxfordshire

Chai Soap Bar - Repurposed Chai spice residue used to create Henny & Joe's chai syrup.

Coffee Scrub Preservatives - 

Optiat collects used coffee grounds from cafes, bars and restaurants all across London. As a result, this organic matter needs to be kept clean. Optiat uses natural preservatives that are permitted by Natrue, the European natural cosmetic board. This preservative is considered natural because each ingredient can be found in nature. Optiat believe this is a price worth paying in order to address the 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds sent to landfill in the UK alone every year!

The Packaging

Coffee Scrubs - appears to be plastic, awaiting confirmation

Face Masks - glass jar with a metal top, board box. 100% recyclable. Plastic Free

Soap Bars - Board. 100% Recyclable. Plastic Free.

Where to buy

Optiat Face masks are available below. The full collection is available on Amazon Prime* (Sold by Optiat), LoveLula* and Planet Organic*