Baby Bottom Changing

We would always recommend reusable nappies or wipes over single-use.

Tots bots are an Ethical Consumer Best-buy for reusables and if you have to use single-use nappies Bambo, Beaming Baby & Eco Naty are good brands though none of them is 100% biodegradable.

Though be mindful that even eco-nappies will not degrade in the landfill. They would need to be composted.

Reusable wipes are available in Bamboo & Terry Toweling. Use water with essential oils or cold camomile tea as a rinse to use with your reusable wipes.

If you need to use single-use wipes, we recommend Cheeky Panda for their ingredients and biodegradability.

We have a selection of Baby Balms for protecting precious baby bottoms from irritation.