Baby Bath-time

It is tempting to fill a babies bath full of bubbles, but lots of bubbles generally mean lots of extra ingredients a baby just does not need.

If you start a baby off without bubbles in the bath they will never miss them.

Instead, look at what your baby needs:

Newborn to 3 months, generally need nothing in their bath unless they have really irritated skin. No essential Oils before 3 months of age.

Suggestions below are for 3 months and up.

A calming bedtime routine - Try a few drops of lavender oil or Chamomile.

A skin-calming bath - If your baby has really dry, irritated skin, sometimes water can make it worse. If they really need a bath, pop an oil, like coconut oil in the water or a tied muslin full of oats into the bath first. Be mindful your baby will be extra slippy when covered in oil.

A baby massage is a good alternative to a bath for a pre-bed routine.