Why we no longer sell / send samples.

For someone trying to reduce their waste footprint, samples can be a real nuisance. A lot of online stores now ask you to select your samples at the checkout, so you now have a chance at declining them. Others just chuck a load in your parcel, and when you are like me and fussy about what goes on your skin, they just end up being a waste, or in my case fattening my EBay account up!

Evolve Best SellersDon't get me wrong, samples do have their place. They can be really valuable if you have combination skin and you want to try a face oil, you need to know how your skin is going to react, but you are unlikely to know this with a small 5 ml sample unless you have really sensitive skin. To enable you to see how your skin is going to react to a product you need to use it for a good 2 to 3 weeks and for this, you are going to need to purchase a small bottle. Which thankfully all the great skin care brands now do.

A small 5 ml plastic jar or foil packet is not going to tell you much apart from what it smells and feels like and you will not be able to reuse the packaging as they are just too small to do anything with.

So be mindful of your samples. Look at the packaging, look at the amount given, what will 5ml of that product be able to tell you? or do you need a travel size version instead so you can use it for longer.

Do you subscribe to a beauty box? Look in your bathroom cabinet, how many of the sample items have you actually used and finished? How many are left? How many items did you like enough to buy at full size?  More importantly what happened to all that packaging when you have tried your sample? How much of it was recyclable?

At Wild Earth Beauty we are no longer doing automatic samples. If you want to try an item, buy it in travel size and we will send you a discount code to use against the full sized version. When you have finished the travel version, keep it and refill it. making it perfect for travel and the gym.

If you are desperate to try something and it does not have a small version, drop me an email, I might be able to advise from the ingredient list or be able to source or send you a small sample with your next order.

If you have tried something and liked it, or even better not liked it, then please please do a product review! I love them! and give out discount codes and a free gift for those who do them as a thank you. It is the best thing ever for a customer to know what worked for a person or not.

It may seem strange that I like negative reviews, but customers are less likely to do negative reviews, so If one pops up they are taken seriously and the product is kept it on my watch list.  I may even request reviews from previous customers on that item. More bad reviews and I do not stock it again. The aim for me is for sustainable, ethical products that work.

If you are part of our review programme and do a product review, we send small gifts through the post for published reviews. These gifts will always be in recyclable packaging and be for general use, so limited chance you are not going to use it. Though If you don't want the free gift, say so, I am happy to up your discount instead!

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