Fushi Wellbeing Brand Story

Fushi, mean's ‘eternal life’ in Japanese, began with the combined Indian cultural heritage of Rannesh Jansari and Ria Pattni and from Ayuverdic family recipes handed down by their grandparents who blended oils and infused herbs to create pure, ethically sourced health and beauty products. 

Using sustainable ingredients while supporting farming communities that provide these ingredients. Hand blended in their London workshop using traditional recipes. All the ingredients are fresh pressed from this seasons harvest and the oils are no older than 3 months old from pressing.

The Cold-pressing is done with an oxygen free press which helps to keep the oils a fresh as possible.

Fushi Wellbeing are serious about the transparency of their products and ingredients. With a number of accreditations to their name the customer can feel secure in what they are buying is best quality for them, best farming practices for the community and the best sourcing, and packaging for the earth.

100% vegetarian friendly and Veg Soc approved for all vitamin supplements, nutritional and superfood products. Over 98% of products are suitable for Vegans and all products are cruelty free.

Most of Fushi products are certified by the soil Association and 95% of the ingredients are Organic with the other sourced by wild harvesting.

Fushi are accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation UK for their commitment to people, environment & animals.  Their products are free from animal testing, sourced responsibly and only use sustainable natural ingredients. Fushi have an Ethical Pricing policy whereby they earn profits without defrauding competitors or customers. Their packaging policy is aimed towards protecting the environment.





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